Matching Bags of Regions in RGBD images

Hao Jiang; The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2015, pp. 3358-3366


We study the new problem of matching regions between a pair of RGBD images given a large set of overlapping region proposals. These region proposals do not have a tree hierarchy and are treated as bags of regions. Matching RGBD images using bags of region candidates with unstructured relations is a challenging combinatorial problem. We propose a linear formulation, which optimizes the region selection and matching simultaneously so that the matched regions have similar color histogram, shape, and small overlaps, the selected regions have a small number and overall low concavity, and they tend to cover both of the images. We efficiently compute the lower bound by solving a sequence of min-cost bipartite matching problems via Lagrangian relaxation and we obtain the global optimum using branch and bound. Our experiments show that the proposed method is fast, accurate, and robust against cluttered scenes.

Related Material

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