The Visual Object Tracking VOT2015 Challenge Results

Matej Kristan, Jiri Matas, Ales Leonardis, Michael Felsberg, Luka Cehovin, Gustavo Fernandez, Tomas Vojir, Gustav Hager, Georg Nebehay, Roman Pflugfelder; The IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) Workshops, 2015, pp. 1-23


The Visual Object Tracking challenge 2015, VOT2015, aims at comparing short-term single-object visual trackers that do not apply pre-learned models of object appearance. Results of 62 trackers are presented. The number of tested trackers makes VOT 2015 the largest benchmark on short-term tracking to date. For each participating tracker, a short description is provided in the appendix. Features of the VOT2015 challenge that go beyond its VOT2014 predecessor are: (i) a new VOT2015 dataset twice as large as in VOT2014 with full annotation of targets by rotated bounding boxes and per-frame attribute, (ii) extensions of the VOT2014 evaluation methodology by introduction of a new performance measure. The dataset, the evaluation kit as well as the results are publicly available at the challenge website.

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