Unsupervised Trajectory Clustering via Adaptive Multi-Kernel-Based Shrinkage

Hongteng Xu, Yang Zhou, Weiyao Lin, Hongyuan Zha; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2015, pp. 4328-4336


This paper proposes a shrinkage-based framework for unsupervised trajectory clustering. Facing to the challenges of trajectory clustering, e.g., large variations within a cluster and ambiguities across clusters, we first introduce an adaptive multi-kernel-based estimation process to estimate the `shrunk' positions and speeds of trajectories' points. This kernel-based estimation effectively leverages both multiple structural information within a trajectory and the local motion patterns across multiple trajectories, such that the discrimination of the shrunk point can be properly increased. We further introduce a speed-regularized optimization process, which utilizes the estimated speeds to regularize the optimal shrunk points, so as to guarantee the smoothness and the discriminative pattern of the final shrunk trajectory. Using our approach, the variations among similar trajectories can be reduced while the boundaries between different clusters are enlarged. Experimental results demonstrate that our approach is superior to the state-of-art approaches on both clustering accuracy and robustness. Besides, additional experiments further reveal the effectiveness of our approach when applied to trajectory analysis applications such as anomaly detection.

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