Robust Large Scale Monocular Visual SLAM

Guillaume Bourmaud, Remi Megret; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2015, pp. 1638-1647


This paper deals with the trajectory estimation of a monocular calibrated camera evolving in a large unknown environment, also known as monocular visual simultaneous localization and mapping. The contribution of this paper is threefold: 1) We develop a new formalism that builds upon the so called Known Rotation Problem to robustly estimate submaps (parts of the camera trajectory and the unknown environment). 2) In order to obtain a globally consistent map (up to a scale factor), we propose a novel loopy belief propagation algorithm that is able to efficiently align a large number of submaps. Our approach builds a graph of relative 3D similarities (computed between the submaps) and estimates the global 3D similarities by passing messages through a super graph until convergence. 3) To render the whole framework more robust, we also propose a simple and efficient outlier removal algorithm that detects outliers in the graph of relative 3D similarities. We extensively demonstrate, on the TUM and KITTI benchmarks as well as on several other challenging video sequences, that the proposed method outperforms the state of the art algorithms.

Related Material

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