Constraints as Features

Shmuel Asafi, Daniel Cohen-Or; The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2013, pp. 1634-1641


In this paper, we introduce a new approach to constrained clustering which treats the constraints as features. Our method augments the original feature space with additional dimensions, each of which derived from a given Cannot-link constraints. The specified Cannot-link pair gets extreme coordinates values, and the rest of the points get coordinate values that express their spatial influence from the specified constrained pair. After augmenting all the new features, a standard unconstrained clustering algorithm can be performed, like k-means or spectral clustering. We demonstrate the efficacy of our method for active semi-supervised learning applied to image segmentation and compare it to alternative methods. We also evaluate the performance of our method on the four most commonly evaluated datasets from the UCI machine learning repository.

Related Material

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